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Day trips and friend visits – Summers almost gone

Guess who’s been in hiding? This gal! When I say hiding I really mean “super busy doing awesome things.” So forgive me for forgetting all about this little corner of the internet I take up. (But don’t really forgive me, it’s nothing worth asking for forgiveness.)

So what’s been going on! This past weekend my bestie friend of 14 years came to visit me. I’m very sad she doesn’t live in the same city as me but she’s close enough to hop on a bus and see at least once a month. The moment her feet touched Massachusetts soil, I stole her away to New Hampshire.

Kh and Cara had never been to Portsmouth, NH so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a quick day trip. The best part about it? We were only really going up there to eat at The Friendly Toast (even though there’s one much closer to us) and walk through the park.

Give it to me, again! It was so delicious. Black beans, avocado, salsa in scrambled eggs? Delicious! I also blame Kh for getting me into such foods. I never would have liked such a mixture until I started stealing food from her plate and got hooked.

The best part about having your friend around? Making her do silly model things for you. Kh isn’t always willing to model for me, especially not in poses like this.

Yaaay, talk about a fun (quick) day trip. Which are my favorite. We haven’t done nearly as many as I’d have liked to this Summer. Probably because it’s been SO hot and our car doesn’t have AC. Whamp-whamp. My body is also doing this fun little thing where it gets car sick if I’m not the one driving. Awesome right?

I love it when friends come visit me. I’ll love it even more when it’s no longer Summer and I’m sweating my bum off. The mornings are starting to feel like Autumn, and so are the evenings. I can’t wait.


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What I’m up to – my Tuesday night

Want to take a guess at what I did Tuesday night?

Still unsure? Well let me tell you. Kh and I went to see Bruce Springsteen at Fenway Park! A little birdy scored us some tickets and we had to take advantage of it. We had seats right on the turf and the whole place was packed.

The show itself was fantastic. The Boss barely stopped to even catch his breathe. We had these two women standing next to us the whole time that couldn’t contain their excitement. They shook it like they were at a high school dance and loved chatting Kh up.

You like the picture of us? I think it really brings out my eyes. We took another one that was brighter but I didn’t quite like how my chin looked like there were 3 of them.

We had a few beers, at a million dollars a cup and I was sure to buy my mom a little souvenir. I won’t say what it is, it’ll ruin the surprise.

And that’s that. We left a little early to make sure we missed the crowd. I hate the after a concert rush of people, so I always make sure to sneak out a little early. There were tons of people sitting out on the curb listening to the show, as you could hear it all over the streets. I even saw a few people with their dogs, aww!



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Foodie Friday: what I want to take on a picnic (a recipe roundup)

If there’s one thing I want to do before the end of Summer, it’s go on a picnic. But I have a few conditions. It has to be on a sunny day, around 70º and preferably with little to no humidity. That’s not asking for much, is it? Ok it probably is considering I live in New England.

I’ve had a bit of “cookers” block lately. I haven’t wanted to do much cooking, and I’m feeling really uninspired. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to kick this block to the curb, and one great way is to look at recipes that may inspire me. So for this magical picnic in perfect conditions, I think these recipes are at the top of my to make list.

This BBQ pulled chicken sandwich has “eat me” written all over it.

Coleslaw with cabbage and a little kale twist.

One of my absolute favorites, deviled eggs. Yum!

This green bean and potato salad looks so good.

I love the sound of this pineapple and black bean salad.

And for dessert? This strawberry and rhubarb crumble looks just like my cup of tea.

Don’t these all look amazing? I’m definitely finding some inspiration for lifting this cookers block. Come on perfect weather!


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Instalife: the last hint of July

1. Kh brought me home flowers. I love sunflowers!
2. Collecting flowers to press and dry for my sketchbook.
3. Yellow sundress and my extremely tanned hand.

4. Lucy snoozing hard.
5. Someone got hungry before her morning walk.

6. I collect old photographs and found this one laying on the ground.
7. Artichoke and crab dip from my favorite happy hour spot.
8. Getting back into sketching.


The past 5 days I’ve been working on a (I’m keeping it a secret..shh..) project that’s been sucking up ALL of my time. I just finished it last night, and I can not wait for it to go live. It’s really helping me get my creativity going again. I’ve been slacking in the DIY department lately, but I’ll try to fix that. I’m recharged and have a million new ideas.

In other news, have you noticed it’s August? Where is time going? I’ve got some serious last minute Summer activities to cram in.


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Instalife: July third edition

1. After helping Kh pick out new glasses last week we went to a Mexican restaurant that has my favorite salad and had a few drinks.
2. There just happened to be a torrential downpour while walking to dinner. The sky was so dark, and my shoes got soaked.
3. I ran smack into a slum last week. Dark bags under my eyes and all.

4. I can’t stop myself from buying new nail polishes.
5. Look at that face!
6. We had a veggie and cheese platter for dinner.. because well.. I just didn’t want to cook.

7. We went to CT this past weekend, and while driving thru the tollbooth I noticed a heart shaped doggy nose print.
8. Beautiful sunny skies all weekend.
9. We had dinner at a microbrewery and I had a tasty light beer.

10. We went to a flea market, and I’ve never seen so many cell phone clips in my life. Oh, and that sweet van.
11. I had a blizzard from DQ, peanut butter cup to be precise.
12. Sophia found a sun beam at Kh’s parents house, which is her favorite spot to lounge. Throw in her favorite blankie and she never wanted to move.


I can’t believe how fast July is coming to an end. I’m not always the biggest fan of Summer, but I’m still hoping to go camping and get a few more swimming adventures in before we really see the end of Summer. Although this heat can get out of here already. I’m probably the one person in existence that is completely against getting a tan.

Until next week folks!


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Instalife: 3rd edition of June

1. I found new meatless – quorn – frozen burritos at my local grocery store. I’m in love. I always use quorn as a chicken substitute.
2. It’s been so hot lately we’ve had to put the curtains down between the living room and dining room to contain the cold air in the living room. I’ve been melting!
3. And since I’ve been melting, I’ve been getting better about using a mud masque at night 3x a week to help calm my skin. I look like swamp things cousin.
4. Heat = I’m not cooking. We had a culinary tour of the world last week, starting with sushi and ending with Indian food. I love take out. Or rather, I love not cooking when it’s really hot out.
5 and 6. We had some crazy storms Saturday night, and I just couldn’t help but watch them from the porch. After the storms passed there was a double rainbow.
7. We took a trip to Home Depot where I had to buy this bench I’d been mildly lusting after. We had an overnight dog that didn’t seem to want to help me put it together.
8 and 9. On the same trip we impulsively bought new outdoor furniture for our back porch. I guarantee I’m going to be living out there by the end of Summer.


This week Kh is in New Jersey for work, which leaves me home alone with the girls. My first thought? Hooray! I’m going to stay up and party all night like I’m a teenager! But in reality I moped around last night and had mac and cheese for dinner. This morning I’m doing relatively the same thing with a cup of coffee in my hand.

More coffee!


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Instalife: first edition of June

1. The girls have recently discovered they loveee blueberries. and I love watching their little mouths eat them.
2. I got new mascara and the jury is still out on whether or not I like it..
3. A client of mine made homemade jelly and gave me some to try out. (Heaven!)
4. Kh celebrated a birthday this past weekend, so we went out to celebrate. I usually look more like I’m attending a funeral than a date night.
5. I had my fair share of dark and stormys that evening. Our favorite bar too.
6. One night of drinking and I need a week to recovery, greasey burger food was necessary the next day.
7. We’ve been going back to pilates every Saturday morning. I’m killing it! (Or rather, getting my butt handed to me.)
8. I recently put a bird feeder out on my back porch. I almost feel like it was a mistake with how many birds we’ve been getting. They swarm it! In one day they ate everything in the feeder, and even the seeds that fell on the porch. I won’t be filling it up again for a while..

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It’s only the beginning of June and I already feel as if the month should be half way over with. Beach dates, cook outs, surprise birthday parties, Summer recipes, and wine dates are all in my future. I’m also hoping it’ll start being warm enough to go swimming at our friends in-ground pool. Give me a beer and a floaty and I am set for life.


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