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etsy finds: unisex and masculine gifts

In talking with some of my friends, I realized it can be a little difficult to find gifts for the more masculine individual,or even something that’s more unisex and not pink or blue. Most of the things I found were mugs that said “Greatest Dad” or hunting shirts. I don’t know very many people that like either one of those. Here’s a few finds that I think would work great for someone whose a little more masculine, or gender neutral.

mancollage1:: slim wallet :: travel kit ::
:: facial oil :: oxford suede cologne ::

mancollage2:: chevron ipad case :: plaid scarf ::
:: iphone stand :: brown leather cuff ::

It feels like December is already flying by! Just a few days left of shopping.. kind of.



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merry xmas!


Merry Christmas everybody!


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materialistic monday act 2

In this installment of materialistic shit I want, I’m actually going to be getting one of these dresses, if I haven’t ordered it already. Every year around Christmas Kh’s company has a Christmas dinner/party that usually entails getting all spiffed up for. The first year I went happened to be last year and she totally psyched me out over it. This year I know what to expect a bit more, so it’s making finding a dress a bit easier.

I actually don’t like parties, but I do love having an excuse to buy a nice dress. Especially an expensive one (ha haaa).


:: 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 :: :: 5 : 6 ::

Pinup Girl Clothing is probably one of my all time favorite sites to buy fancy schmancy dresses at. They have a wide variety of styles, and an even wider variety of dresses that are open in the hip region. Can you guess what my top 3 dresses are?




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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Sophia and


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Holiday Thirsty Thursday

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Especially this time of year, with the stress of the holidays and the impending New Year. While searching around, I found a few of my favorites.

I must say, anything with pineapple and rum in it I’m all over. One of my favorite bars to go to will custom make your drink right there on the spot when you give them a few ideas of what you like. No menu involved.

After I tell them what I like, and my drink comes to me, I usually find myself drinking a jungle bird out of a heavy tiki mug. Yep, I’m that person. And I’m completely ok with it.

{Depaz Winter Mojito}

{Candy Cane Cooler}

{Naughty Nog}

{Gingerbread Martini}

{Jingle Juice}

I must say, the mojito and the jingle juice seem to be my two favorites. Who doesn’t love a mojito, or a drink that has a beautiful gradient color to it?

Drink up and enjoy the holidays! Soon it’ll be 2012! (Blows my mind!)



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My Goodies Aka The Loot

In general I’m not a very materialistic person. I lived out of a suitcase for about 3 years, and can’t even bring myself to buy a bed frame for fear of eventually having to move it somewhere. Well, that and I’m terrified of the monster under the bed. Don’t judge, it’s a real fear!

This of course doesn’t mean I don’t love to oogle a nice bed frame, or get excited over brand new goodies. This past week I’ve certainly gotten my fair share of new goodies to be excited over.

First up, at work we decided to do a Secret Snowflake. My secret (but not so secret now) snowflake got me this holiday survival kit!

A delicious looking red wine I can’t wait to open. My favorite potato chips. Coffee. Chocolate. And gum. Seems like a perfect package to me. I have a habit of choosing my wine based solely on the label. This one passes the test.

Second up. A xmas care package from my Gram! She included my favorite candy by far, Reeses Trees! The package wasn’t complete without chihuahua stickers.

My family, and well just about everyone I know, is well aware of my owl obsession. I’m not sure where my Gram found this little gem, but look at my new pajamas. Kh thinks I’m damn sexy in them.

Last but not least this little owl guy my Gram had made for me. She’s had a tradition of giving her grand kids ornaments since the time I was little.

Yesterday we had Christmas Palooza with two friends. Tons of good snacks were consumed, and too much soda was inhaled by yours truly. I very rarely ever drink soda and when I do I have a sugar crash like a toddler.

I love a print! Kh got me this Pendleton iPad case. I don’t even own an iPad, but I’m so in love with this pattern! Kh put a cute little owl calendar inside it, and I’m as happy as a clam.

 I was also lucky enough to receive…

  • a bunch of knee high socks
  • a 1970’s Playboy (what, I love the photography and ads!)
  • mascara
  • my favorite (and expensive!) shampoo and conditioner
  • a colored ink pad
  • stencil making sheets
  • a cookie shape maker (um can you say camel shape?!)
  • chevron pattern shirt
  • several fantastic sweaters, one even has a hood ekk

All of this combined with my new sewing machine (that’s arriving this week! ekk) makes me one very lucky girl. I’m so thankful for all that I have, and for those who make my life complete.

What has been your favorite gift so far this year?


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What’s Up This Weekend

So here it is. The Saturday before Christmas weekend. We have exactly one week before Christmas Eve. Am I ready? Not at all.

This past week was filled with Holiday DIY’s. If you missed out, here’s a recap!

Monday – Snow Globe DIY
Tuesday – Snow Globe Ornament DIY
Wednesday – Peacock Feather Ornament DIY
Thursday – Handmade Holiday Cards
Friday – Handmade Gift Tags

I feel like the past few months have snuck up on me and run away before I even knew what was happening. 2011, where did you go?

Tomorrow I’ll be having Christmas with Kh, Beck and Debs. Oh, Sophia and Lucy too! Presents are not wrapped, nor even in one central location. Cookies are not baked, and groceries have not been purchased. I finished up most of the present shopping today, so that’s one positive, right?

I’ll be making peanut butter cookies, apple pie, and possibly some other delicious snacks.

I grabbed the girls these goodies while out today. Delicious doggy treats, and an owl dog toy! How could I not. Kh thinks I bought it for myself.

I love  watching dogs open up presents. Especially if its a snack or something they can munch on.

Tonight we are heading to Kh’s company Christmas party. We have a hotel room, fancy outfits, and our dancing shoes on. Or at least packed to put on later.

This was taken last weekend at my company Christmas party. I anticipate us being a little bit tipsy tonight. And dancing to a lot of Lady Gaga.

Until tomorrow everyone! Have a great Saturday night.




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Handmade Gift Tag DIY

On my fifth and final DIY for the week I bring you handmade gift tags! I don’t know about you, but after I get over the hurdle of trying to wrap a present, I then panic and forget completely about the gift tag. I’ve been known to throw a piece of tape on the present, write a little to, and sign a little from. Bam, I’m done!

Ok, so it’s never been the most creative approach to gift giving. This year I planned, plotted, and carried out my solution to gift taglessness.


  • Paper bag
  • Red marker
  • Black marker
  • A circle/gift tag shape to trace
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Card stock

First thing – I cut open a paper bag, and traced circles all over the bag. I just used the top of an Advil bottle, but more refined tools would work just as well.

I used the gift tag shape and traced it onto several pieces of card stock. You can get this at a craft store, Papersource, just about anywhere. I recycled some old cards I had laying around.

Now cut them all out.

Once I got to this point, I started focusing my attention more on the card stock. I took a pencil and rough sketched a snowflake, or a few onto the card stock.

I didn’t use a ruler or be overly precise. I liked the way they came out in more of a hand drawn way. Every snowflake is different.

I then took my black marker and traced the pencil marks, and added in a few diamond shapes, dots, dotted lines..

Don’t worry about being precise. The hand drawn imperfections really add to the handmade aspect of these.

I punched a hole in the tops of each gift tag (which was no easy accomplishment! card stock did not get along well with my $1 hole punch), wrote To and From on the back, and tah-done!

I’ll be finishing these off with some baling twine or even some red ribbon.

I hope you enjoyed my week of Holiday DIY’s! I’ll be posting a new DIY every week starting this new year. So be sure to stop back.

Happy Holidays!


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DIY Holiday Cards

When it gets close to my favorite holidays, I can’t help but start planning out the cards I’ll be sending out.  My favorite holidays to decorate cards for would have to be Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines Day.

The possibilities are just endless when it comes to all three. Last year I made owls with little felt hearts sewn on them for Valentines Day, and festive little trees for Christmas. This year I decided to keep it relatively simple.

Using the snowflake stamp that first made its appearance in my DIY snow globe ornament, I painted a thin layer of acrylic paint onto it. From here I stamped a single white snowflake on every single card I was planning on sending out.

(You’ll need to repaint the stamp several times)

I purchased the cards at my local AC Moore in the $1 bin. I usually stock up on these, as they are quite a good investment.

Once the white snowflakes were dry, I did the exact same step only using a different paint color. I was still feeling inspired from my snow globe ornament and went with the white/red color scheme again.

These little stamps were the best investment I’ve made in a while. They aren’t the best quality, but I also found them for $1 at AC Moore in the discount bins. It’s hard to say no to that. (I bought a few..)

At this point I poured a little red paint onto a paper plate, thinned it out as best I could on the paper, and stamped each letter in the paint then onto the cards.

Let them dry, and there you have it. Your own holiday cards!

Here’s the breakdown on how much the cards cost me:

  • $1 – Snowflake stamp
  • $1 – Alphabet stamps
  • $1 – A pack of blank greeting cards (I purchased 2 packs)
  • Paint – Already owned
    In total: $4

No card would be complete from me without a little owl incorporate some how.. So I’ll be printing off this little guy to include in all the cards I send out.

I just love snail mail! I can’t wait to send these out.



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DIY Peacock Feather Ornament

Today’s installment of DIY, I bring you a peacock feather ornament. This little craft is (don’t tell the others!) my favorite so far. It was the easiest to boot!

I was able to make it while cooking dinner and not burning a thing. Now that is impressive if I do say so myself.


  • Scissors
  • Fill able glass ornament
  • Peacock feathers
  • Glitter

Trim your feathers down so they are just big enough to fit in your ornament. Slide the feathers in to the opening, and at this point you may need to get a pencil or something slim enough to fit inside the ornament and move the feathers around until they are arranged how you like them. My pointer finger, I’ll warn you now, was not skinny enough.

I sprinkled a little glitter on the inside so should the feathers move, they sweep the sides of the glass leaving a small glitter trail. Oh, and the lights on the tree help make the glitter sparkle on the feathers.

Hang it on the tree, and enjoy! I’ve also seen this craft made with white peacock feathers and baling twine, which was exceptionally cute. So many ways to really add to this simple ornament.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another installment of Holiday DIY crafts!




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