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you want it, she’s got it

I’m always really bummed when my weekends are over with, especially weekends when good friends come to visit. My best friend lives in NYC, and while that’s quite close, I don’t get to see her as much as I wish I could. We have an ongoing tradition that every year for (or around) her birthday she comes and spends it with me. This year being no exception. Saturday morning she took a bus in with her girlfriend and started her birthday weekend with Kh and I.

Saturday night we planned a get together for her with a few of her friends that live in the area.

Can you spot my creepy cackle face in the second picture? A couple of dark and stormys and my hangover from the night before was all but a forgotten memory. Thank you rum for kicking gins ass.

The next day we went out for brunch at The Friendly Toast. It was quite a bit of a wait, no surprise there, so we just goofed off outside until we were finally seated.

After somewhere close to 45minutes we got seated and immediately ordered everything and anything. Coffee, tea, blueberry gluten free pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, home fries.. Oh my! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Silly things happen when we’re hungry.

After breakfast, my bestie and I stole off to watch the newest Twilight movie. We’ve seen the past couple in the theaters and of course had to keep that tradition alive as well. It was.. interesting. The cgi baby face that slowly became cgi small child face was a bit creepy. I liked this last movie more so than the previous one, that’s for sure. Especially since it’s the end. C and I mostly sat there giggling like a couple of 15 year old girls. Bella’s crazy constant perfect eyelashes drove me to irritation town. “Oh look I just woke up and have perfect eyeshadow on.” Phoooey.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. I had a great time visiting with my bestie, I just wish we had more time together. Now I’m bummed it’s Monday and I have to get back to work. Blah! I do have a 4 day weekend because of Thanksgiving and taking Black Friday off soo.. I should stop complaining.


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fall food love – a roundup of recipes

Have you heard? It’s fall. I’ve said it at least a dozen times, and I’m quite sure so has every other person I’ve come into contact with recently. There’s so many things I love about fall. Sweaters, boots, apple cider.. Halloween.. and all the good food I can start cooking. When it gets colder out all I want to do is bake, and try out new recipes. I’m still having a bit of a lull in my cooking creativity, and I hope I can knock myself out of it soon.

A few of the recipes that have really caught my eye lately are mostly desserts (opps!). I don’t eat meat (or rather very rarely eat meat), so I found some great meat-free hearty recipes to try out.

This is my absolute must try recipe. Vegetarian shepard’s pie, I mean, cmon! Delicious.

I’ve never tried this either, but mushroom stroganoff looks and sounds pretty amazing.

Spiced squash, chickpea and potato stew. YUM!

Can’t I just eat these hasselback potatoes and nothing else?

Ok so I’ve got a thing for potatoes.

I know I said I was focusing on some hearty recipes, but look at these little dessert treats. It would be dangerous to have these in the house, I’d probably eat them all in one night. Chocolate and peanut butter is the deadliest combination ever for me. Yum..

Peanut butter and chocolate oat bars.. I mean for real?

I could probably spend hours looking at recipes and make a million “to make” lists. I think I’ll start by making the Shepard’s pie this weekend. Potatoes, potatoes!! Are you looking forward to baking/cooking this fall? Got any recipes you are dying to make?



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Foodie Friday – berry cobbler

On my most recent grocery shopping trip I picked up a bunch of strawberries, and even more blueberries. I had this grand idea of making something tasty out of them, but really I had no idea what that tasty thing may be. I remembered a strawberry rhubarb crumble recipe I had posted in a roundup from last week and decided to do my own twist on it. I’ve never made a cobbler before, and I couldn’t find a recipe for strawberry/blueberry cobbler. So I did what any self respecting queen of her own kitchen did.. I made it up as I went along!

I don’t quite have a recipe to give you, cause like I said, I made it up. I was pretty satisfied with the end result. It was a little messy, and the one picture I did get of it is worthy of the “mushy foods you don’t know what the hell it is” instagram award. See below if you need a reference.


Ok since I don’t have a recipe for you, I thought I’d find a few cobbler recipes by others that are a little more put together than I am in the kitchen. I’m telling you this dessert is amazing if you’ve never had it before. I put mine on frozen vanilla yogurt that Kh lovingly got for me, and well it’s all gone now. Delicious!

sour cherry cobbler, with heart shaped biscuits on top. so cute.

mixed berry cobbler in mini dishes, perfect size so you don’t have to share.

I’d probably die a happy woman after trying this strawberry cobbler.

brown sugar berry cobbler.. amazing!

I think I’ve found my new favorite dish. I know I say that every foodie Friday.. but maybe this time I really mean it. For the moment at least.


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Foodie Friday: what I want to take on a picnic (a recipe roundup)

If there’s one thing I want to do before the end of Summer, it’s go on a picnic. But I have a few conditions. It has to be on a sunny day, around 70º and preferably with little to no humidity. That’s not asking for much, is it? Ok it probably is considering I live in New England.

I’ve had a bit of “cookers” block lately. I haven’t wanted to do much cooking, and I’m feeling really uninspired. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to kick this block to the curb, and one great way is to look at recipes that may inspire me. So for this magical picnic in perfect conditions, I think these recipes are at the top of my to make list.

This BBQ pulled chicken sandwich has “eat me” written all over it.

Coleslaw with cabbage and a little kale twist.

One of my absolute favorites, deviled eggs. Yum!

This green bean and potato salad looks so good.

I love the sound of this pineapple and black bean salad.

And for dessert? This strawberry and rhubarb crumble looks just like my cup of tea.

Don’t these all look amazing? I’m definitely finding some inspiration for lifting this cookers block. Come on perfect weather!


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Not enough AC, too many kale chips and what else is going on

What I’m loving – When my girlfriend brings me home flowers for no reason. Especially when said flowers have roses, carnations and my favorite sunflowers in the bouquet. Sophia snuggling me under the covers just before I get out of bed. This lack of humidity on 80º days, mixed with clear skies is perfect, bring on cold weather. Cooking with fresh veggies.

What I’m not loving so much – The fact my car has no AC is a pretty big downer. I missed laundry day due to a client meeting

What I’m reading – I always manage to have at least 2 books going at once. I’m alternating between A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Affinity. I’m having a harder time getting into Affinity, mostly because I’m reading it on a kindle. I keep trying to turn the pages.. I catch myself doing it then looking around to make sure no one caught me. Oh technology..

What I’m watching – I can’t stop watching River Monsters. Giant catfish, flesh rippers, and death rays! I’m such a sucker for nature shows, especially ones of the aquatic variety. When he gets on the tiny canoes trying to catch 100lb fish, ekk I get a little freaked out.

What I’m eating – Baked kale chips and Kh’s homemade salsa have been at the top of my list lately. I make the kale chips almost every Sunday (or Monday night.. depending on how motivated I am) when we sit down to watch True Blood. Add a glass of wine in there and I’m pretty much in heaven. As for the salsa? Saturday morning omelettes couldn’t get any better. After work snacking is a lot easier too. NOM

What I’m wearing – I found the perfect maxi skirt from Old Navy a couple of months ago, and since then I’ve bought 2 more. The first one I bought shrunk to an uncomfortable size in the wash (ugh I hate that!) and the next two have been perfect. I’m definitely guilty of buying more than one of the same article of clothing when I’m really in love with it.


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Instalife: first edition of July

1. I feel like I spend all my free time in the garage. This time it was to get my inspection sticker updated. I can almost still feel my legs stuck to the gross leather seats in the waiting area.
2. My special treat after pilates every Saturday is a sandwich from Starbucks. Egg white and turkey bacon being my preferred treat.
3 and 4. After pilates last weekend we went back to our friends pool. Drinking beer, eating cherries, and watching Lucy chase flies.
5. I’m in love with the iced lemonade/tea combination.
6. We had a little dinner party with a couple of friends last week. I made onion/mushroom/bbq turkey burgers, baked beans, roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus. Pretty delicious if I do say so myself.
7, 8 and 9. For he 4th of July Kh and I went out for a couple of drinks, where the bathroom had some amazing Jaws graffiti in it. Then we headed up to Rockport and saw a huge bonfire and some fireworks.
10. We made (my new obsession!) homemade gluten free pineapple pizza. Another thing I’m obsessed with, I want more tonight. Even Lucy wanted some. But no surprise there.
11. My best friend was in town this weekend. On Sunday after brunch with Kh we took her to our favorite antique shop. I got to sift through old photographs and got my anniversary ring from Kh.


Overall we’ve had a busy past couple of weeks. Kh and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary tonight, but postponing the celebratory activities until this weekend. I’m having a heck of a time brainstorming ideas of what we can do. Whale watch, day trip to the North Shore, maybe even dinner/drinks at the restaurant we had our first date at.. So many options!


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Instalife: end of June edition

1. Our house guest for the weekend is just the tiniest bit needy. I’ve had 3 fuzzy shadows for the past 4 days.
2. Saturday = pilates. I’m still having a hard time walking down stairs (feel the burn!), but the spinach wrap treat after was well worth it.
3. I had a few cat sits recently. I love that my one client has a heart shaped water bowl.
4. Let me admit my guilty pleasure.. a strawberry sundae from BK.
5. Our first cook out by the pool! We went to our friends house and even Lucy got to swim in the pool.
6. I stayed sitting poolside drinking Sangria and Gin/Tonics. It’s a rough life!
7. After a day of shopping for new tank tops (and Kh’s fancy new shirt seen in the picture) we had a sushi lunch date, followed by a dinner date to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. So cheesy!
8. Still spending tons of time on the porch. See my neon orange nail polish that I’m obsessed with?


It’s officially Summer in my book. This past weekend we had a cookout and spent most of the day floating around our friends’ pool. You know what made it even better? Sangria and homemade salsa. Absolutely perfect way to begin Summer. I have a feeling my weekends are going to continue to get more and more fantastic. We have plans for weekend getaways, cookouts galore, and of course lots of friend hang outs.

We’re hoping to catch another movie soon at our local theater that sells beer. Nothing beats a cheesy movie like a cheesy movie washed down with some booze.


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